Cyper Capacity Support

Technology simply creates opportunity. Every thriving nation with prosperous economies, transparent governments and free societies has digital infrastructure weaved into its DNA. VIA firmly believes that the effective and secure use of cyberspace will allow all people to participate in today’s global community. As this project continues, more details will be outlined.

About the Project:

  • Maximizing the capacity of cyberspace to enhance progress in developing nations.
  • Creating and implementing a Cyber Capacity Building Strategy that will empower communities and further the development of emerging markets
  • Creating Cyberspace and Cybersecurity assessments that will provide cyber capacity-building support in various countries around the world


Europe and Eurasia (E&E)

USAID responds to opportunities and challenges in Europe and Eurasia (E&E) through innovative programs on behalf of the American people. VIA has revamped the IT infrastructure to help the USAID’s Europe and Eurasia (E&E) Bureau formulate budgets, manage program activities and to meet congressionally mandated reporting requirements. 

Our Impact:

  • Identified and built improvements to IT systems currently being utilized by the USAID’s Europe and Eurasia (E&E) Bureau.
  • Upgraded systems that incorporated a streamlined processes, completely operational throughout the organization and not dependent on fulltime IT resources.
  • Created a framework and methodology to support multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts for assessments, data gathering, information sharing, and maximum end user participation regardless of location.


“I can not express my sincere thanks for all of the time and effort that VIA put into this project! The level of effort, support and dedication was superb”.      – Lena Johnson, Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, USAID