Morehouse School of Medicine

Health care needs to be on the cutting edge of technology. As providers play an essential role in the healthcare delivery network and they are the starting place to improve the broader health care system. VIA utilized resources to optimize health information technology to improve the quality of care that providers give to their patients.

Our Impact

VIA, in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine, won a $20M contract to create Georgia’s only federally endorsed health information technology center (GA-HITEC).

A comprehensive strategy was established by VIA to help implement multiple statewide objectives for GA-HITEC. In doing so, VIA furthered the mission of GA-HITEC to advance the adoption, implementation and meaningful use of health IT among health care providers and improve the safety, quality and accessibility of health care for the citizens of Georgia.

Over the course of four years, VIA built and managed a technical implementation team responsible for delivering a variety of critical Health IT assistance and support services to providers across the state of Georgia.

As a result of VIA’s leadership and collaborative efforts with multiple stakeholders, 4000 Primary Care Physicians in the state of Georgia enrolled into the program, and today, 60% (2376) of these Primary Care Physicians have become meaningful users of Electronic Health Record technology.


“I really appreciate the mission based philosophy and operational excellence that VIA brings to the table. They took a team approach in working with us to help develop an operation that realized lofty goals. VIA gets the job done.”

-Dr. Dominic Mack, Deputy Director, MSM National Center for Primary Care